Store Policies and Info


We offer exchange only, no returns or refunds. Items can be exchanged for replacements up to and incuding the cost of the original piece. If you would like to make an exchange for a more exensive item, the difference can be charged to you. We do not offer store credit. Exchanges must be made within 30 days of date the item is originally received. Shipping costs are not typically included in the exchange process, but may be in the case of damaged items. 


We aim to display the truest representation of our work on our website, however, as all of our pieces are handmade, each piece is unique and may vary slightly from the photos online. If you are not satisfied with the reproduction of a piece you have purchased, we will be happy to try again. In this event, shipping costs will be the responsibility of the customer. Please note, we can not accomodate exchanges for the same item more than once. 

Shipping Time

Please allow up to 2 weeks for items to be shipped. Most of our orders can be shipped within a few days of purchase, however, in certain circumstances it may take longer. Items may also be picked up from our stall at the Baltimore Farmers Market at your leasure (visit the link to learn about hours and dates). Just let us know when you will be stopping by, and we will bring your purchase. 

Damaged Items

Damaged pieces will be repaired gratis in the event that the damage occurred as a result of material or production fault. In this case, necessary shipping costs will be covered by Red Door Studio. If it is determined that the damage is the result of rough handling or regular wear and tear, a charge will accompany the repair, and necessary shipping costs will be the reposibility of the customer. 

Custom Orders

We are very happy to work with our customers to create custom orders. This is a great way to become involved in helping to design a piece that is personal and unique. The process may vary, but generally consists of the following steps:

  • We ask that the customer starts by sending us a list of criteria that includes the type of materials preferred (silver, copper or bronze if the piece is to be made out of metal; leather or hemp if the item is a bracelet; etc...), the approximate size of the piece, chain length (for necklaces), price range, and color preference (if the piece will include leather, hemp or beads). 
  • We will then produce a few sketches and price estimates for each variation (please note we tend to inflate our estimates, as we'd much prefer to charge you less than the estimate for the final cost than more). 
  • Often this next step involves some design tweaks and input from the customer as subsequent sketches and implemented preferences are exchaged in ongoing correspndence. By then end of this process a final design and revised cost estimate is agreed upon, a 20% deposit on the estimate is taken, and now we get to work!
  • Once the piece has been completed (and even throughout the process for interested customers!) we like to provide some photos of the piece. At this point few adjustments can be made, however there is usually still a little bit of wiggle room for aspects such as preferred chain lengths, or finishes.
  • Finally, we work out how to get the piece to the customer and take the final payment (minus, of course, the 20% paid deposit). For shipping or pick-up information, please see the 'Shipping Time' policy above.

For any additional information, or to find out if we can make the custom piece you have in mind, please contact us. Also, make sure to check out our 'Custom Pieces' album in our gallery for ideas about the kind of work we have done!


*If you have any question or concerns that have not been addressed here, or that involve some of the listed information and policies, please do not hesitate to contact us. Contact information can be found on our 'Contact' page.