About Us


Red Door Studio is the creative collaboration between sisters, Kait and Taryn Klusewitz. Aiming to bring the natural environment the sisters grew up surrounded by to an everyday, urban lifestyle, Red Door Studio reflects the idea that if you really look around, even in the middle of a big, bustling city, nature is absolutely everywhere- and it's beautiful.

Reared in a home that valued "artistic expression" as an important part of daily activities, it could be argued that the sisters have been creatively collaborating their whole lives- graduating from earlier endeavors such as the cardboard/moss sandal project, to the backyard chinaberry bush cosmetics line, to loftier ambitions like hand sewn roller skating costumes or the construction of 'Plank Village' (the network of wooden planks suspended above the backyard forest floor by a backbreaking series of cinder blocks. 'Why?', you ask? Because it was awesome). All of this is just to say that Kait and Taryn have been more than sisters for a long time. Troublemakers, partners in crime, enemies, BFF's, conspirators, and, at long last, business partners. 



This team of now-grown young women compose the local Baltimore small business that is Red Door Studio Jewelry. Developed straight out of a home studio in Baltimore, Red Door's philosophy is that jewelry is art, and as such, should be hand crafted and unique. This philosophy is made easy in practice given that so many of Red Door's pieces are based on or made using real leaves, flowers, twigs, as well as natural items for texture and shape. All items are created using only natural materials such as stone, glass, leather and metals (including recycled fine silver, bronze and copper).

Finally, it is important to acknowledge the fact, as Kait and Taryn frequently, gratefully, and humbly do, that every last bit of success the pair have achieved with Red Door Studio is attributable to the loyal and ongoing support of the community here in Baltimore. There is such an encouraging and inspiring sense of commitment to look after artists and small businesses in this city, that not only does it perpetuate an environment of culture and creativity, but it helps to ensure that local artisans can continue to bring unique and high-quality work to the marketplace. It's a good thing we have here in Baltimore, and Red Door Studio is grateful for that, every single day.